KAMUKE Issue 1

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With the humble ukulele now experiencing a surge of global popularity not seen for 50-odd years, we thought it was about time someone produced a top-quality periodical devoted to all things uke, and this is the result!

At the heart of this new movement are people, so that’s the focus of KAMUKE. In this issue, we speak to ‘Jumpin’ Jim’ Beloff, the man behind Flea Market Music; San Francisco artist Uni and her Ukelele; Aussie uke advocate Rose Turtle Ertler; and Paul Okami, Vice President of Hawaii’s KoAloha Ukulele. We also present English strumming legend George Formby as our first Hall of Fame inductee, take a look at a classic 1929 Martin Taropatch, and visit the Balmain Ukulele Klub in Sydney, Australia.

Long thought to be OUT OF PRINT, we recently discovered half a box of this special collector's edition issue! There's a very LIMITED NUMBER available, so get in quick!

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