Kamuke Music

Kamuke is Cameron Murray, a Sydney-based singer-songwriter and teacher who has performed in Hawaii and LA and is endorsed by Romero Creations Ukuleles. Famous for his lightning-fast, George Formby-like strumming, he enjoys playing original songs, as well as classic tunes and some folky covers.

Cameron started playing banjo-uke in South Africa in 1990, when it was a very uncool thing to do. His first gig in the back of an ice-cream shop gave him a taste for performance and he was soon playing regularly in folk clubs with his guitar-playing dad. A pilgrimage to Hawaii in 2001 further cemented Cameron’s love for the instrument and he’s been riding the Third Wave of ukulele popularity ever since.

A regular on the Aussie scene, he has performed and taught workshops at most uke festivals around the country and has been featured as an artist at the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii’s Annual Exhibition in Waikiki and at the NAMM Show in Los Angeles.

In 2011, Cameron created KAMUKE Ukulele Magazine, which quickly gained a cult following around the world. More recently, he launched a podcast interview series called Ukulele Stories and has just released Mixed Business, his first EP of original music, which you can buy HERE