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Directors: William Preston Robertson & Sean Anderson

Stars: Holly Hunter, Robert Armstrong, Janet Klein, Ian Whitcomb, Casey Korder

BEFORE the current Third Wave of Uke, being a ukulele player was a rather lonely proposition. Uke groups were few and far between and the instrument was underestimated at every turn. As such, it attracted those on the fringes of society – for the most part, interesting, imaginative people who saw the beauty in four strings when others didn’t. Rock That Uke celebrates those people.

Always entertaining and often hilarious, RTU is narrated by American actress Holly Hunter and introduces us to various quirky performers, from our Issue 7 cover girl Janet Klein to Robert Armstrong, who played with celebrated US cartoonist Robert Crumb in his Cheap Suit Serenaders. Then there’s Casey Korder, who wears a cow suit and calls his solo act The Rumble Pups, Denny Moynahan, aka King Kukulele, and Robert Wheeler, the founder of a pseudo-religion called Ukulele Consciousness.

Rock That Uke is not for everyone and purists might not enjoy the sound of an electrified uke being put through several distortion boxes by punk band Uke Til U Puke, but in our opinion there’s no ‘wrong’ way to play a ukulele. Part of the allure of the uke is that it’s whatever you want it to be – it’s a mirror of your personality and you should do whatever makes you happy. Just play ukulele!

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