PhD Premium High Density ’Ukulele Strings


PhD Premium High Density ’Ukulele Strings PHD

Developed by Jason Arimoto, PhD, and endorsed by six-time Grammy Award winner Daniel Ho, PhD Strings are made from PVDF (polyvinylidene flouride), a polymer of higher molecular weight and density than nylon. While they look similar to other fluoro-carbon strings, the sound they produce is markedly different. Bright without being overly loud, they deliver plenty of sustain and feel softer on the fingers than nylon and Nylgut, making them ideal for beginners and people who play a lot. String choice is a personal matter, so we can’t say PhD Strings are necessarily better than any of the many other options out there, but they are definitely good value for money and worthy of your consideration.

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Size Soprano/Concert High G (0) Soprano/Concert Low G (0) Tenor High G (0) Tenor Low G (non-wound) (0) Baritone Low D (DGBE) (0) Baritone Low G (GCEA) (0)